Posted by: dieke | June 23, 2008


I love the change of seasons, getting lighter in the summer and nice and dark in the winter. Lightning the fireplace, get a nice cup of hot coco. And then in summer when you can sit outside with a glass of rose wine and it just won’t get dark…

It changes exactly at the right moment if you ask me. What if I would live at the top of Norway? Imagine you won’t see the sun for weeks… No, not my cup of tea. Give me changes every now and then! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 17, 2008

European Championship

God, I really don’t give the slightest bit about soccer… I just don’t see the use. Everyone dressed like crazy people (a bit like carnival, but then everyone has the same theme), most of them drunk, it’s just not for me.

I also think the players get way too much money for what they do. All right, they are ‘famous’ and all, but I still think it’s ridiculous! And then everyone complains about higher taxes for education and god knows what, if they would just pay the players a bit less…

But then again, who am I to talk… I do love the european championship for the quietness it brings. I know, not after the match, but when they’re playing and everyone’s inside. I love to go and walk the dog or something, there’s absolutely no-one around! That’s what I love about soccer! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 17, 2008


just been working on our presentation for crosslab (for next week) We had a few ours to spare so we’re a long way already! Everyone just needs to make their personal part, and then it’s done!

Sort out some last things, practice our speech… Perfectly on schedule! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 11, 2008


Just reminded me that we made pictures of our ‘maquette’ (I don’t know the english word) last tuesday! I think they really turned out nice! Trying everything out with filters, without filters, flashes and all that stuff… Afterwards a little photoshop movements and they’re good-to-go!

Quite funny how real – and especially how big – you can make it seem by taking those pictures in a certain way! nice experience! good night for now, xx

Posted by: dieke | June 11, 2008


God, I’m sooooo looking forward to the summer vacation and of course my holidays!

Other weather, other language, unfortunately not another kind of money (something I loved about traveling within Europe, I think it gives a true holiday feeling), other people, other habits, just lovely! I really like that, just looking at those people… I can’t wait! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 11, 2008


I think it’s really strange how the weather can have influence on people. It’s just what you get used to.
Now it’s warm for a little while, people get used to it. And when it is ‘just’ 20/22 degrees (Celsius) people say it’s cold, or at least chilly…

Strange huh? When I was younger (like 6 or 8 years old) people would call it a hot summer when it would be that warm. It just sometimes amazes me how fast people can get used to something.
But even when they are used to it, the weather is never how they want it anyway.

It’s either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, or whatever… those people can drive me crazy! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 8, 2008

Talking about it…

Now I think about what I just wrote, do you also know the feeling of coming home after vacation?
I love that feeling! It doesn’t really matter how super, fantastic, wonderful your vacation is, I always like it to get home.

Lie in your own bed, take shower in your own bathroom, use your own stuff… I can enjoy that moment so much! Home sweet home! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 8, 2008

Soap again…

Do you know those moments when you just NEED soap? I had one this weekend…

I had been working and I had the feeling that everything fell over me. Beer, food, wine, liquors that are sticky, and it was pretty warm. I was so glad to be home and able to take a great shower!

Just lovely, your own soap, feeling nice and fresh in the end! xx

Posted by: dieke | June 2, 2008

so much…

There is so much to do these last few weeks that I just don’t know where to start…
Everything has got to be finished in these weeks and there’s enough work to do, but where do I begin? It’s all messed up in my head, such a chaos…

I hope that my strategy will work. I think at this point it is the most logical if I finish something before I start on (or start finishing) something else. If I don’t, it’ll get a big mess in my house, which isn’t the best circumstance to work in.
Just about to finish with history of culture, than we’ll see what’s next… xx

Posted by: dieke | May 27, 2008

Soapstore in Anvers

I went to Antwerpen (I have no idea how to write it in English…)
Well anyway, I was in Anvers and there we walked by a pretty odd soap store. I only had time to take a quit peek through the window and make a picture or two. They had soap in huge blocks – like a pie or a huge cheese – of which they would cut of a chunk as large as you want!

I’ll put in a picture, I just forgot the name of the store… xx

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